Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Wedding: Sara

I loved working with Steffani and Mindy. I'm still amazed at how quickly Mindy was able to curl my hair! One of my bridesmaids was nervous to get her hair done because she didn't like how her hair looked in a couple previous weddings, but when she got one look after Mindy was done with her updo she started to dance and say, "I love my hair!" I am very thankful that Steffani recommended the additional lashes. They took a little while to get used to because I never had them applied before, but they were absolutely worth it and it shows in the pictures! Overall I couldn't have asked for more, both my hair and make-up held up through all the dancing, kisses, cake smashing and most importantly the humidity!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Inspiration: Happy Wednesday

Do you feel like this yucky weather is making your week drag? Us too! 
So here is something that brightened our day!

We found our newest lipgloss model :) 
Image via Pinterest

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably have seen this poor girl. If not, welcome to the "I'm too cool for YouTube but I did see that girl's tutorial" club!

 We already shared our favorite Oscar award winning hair, but did you see how awesome Jennifer Lawrence really is? We can totally see being BFFs with her! 

If you didn't know, we are on YouTube too! Check out our latest promo video!

Happy Wednesday and come on SUMMER!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Real Wedding: Brit and Johanna

Up Do's For I Do's was absolutely amazing to work with.  Kara and Sara were so great and helped make our wedding day everything we could imagine.  They were very personable and took the time to not only get to know myself, the bride, but also my bridesmaids and family.  I have never felt so beautiful and would recommend their services to all brides to be.

Johanna's wedding at the Elkridge Furnance Inn.  **notice the stink bugs**  They were everywhere and we just made it work!
Photo by Kathy Hertel.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mondays with Mindy: Academy Award's Inspiration

With last night's Academy Award ceremony, awards season is officially over. The Oscar's are my favorite of all awards shows because it's all about the best of the best, waltzing down the red carpet, and the glitz and glam of Hollywood. 

This year, there was a good mix of looks. Some stars looked absolutely stunning, others just-missed-the-mark and some made me say, "giiiirl, what were you thinking?!?"...Can you say Melissa McCarthy? Don't get me wrong, I love her, but I think she was channeling her inner Delta Burke from Designing Women circa 1986! And don't get me started on the absolute train wreck that was Kristen Stewart. What in the world was going on there? Another surprising style I saw was the way-too-heavy, way-too-long bang...Michele Obama! We want to see your eyes, lady! Oh, I could go on and on, but let's focus on the positive and use this awards ceremony to our advantage! Here are my nominations for best hair and make-up for the 2013 Academy awards:

Reese Witherspoon

 This was one of my favorites! Her soft, vintage inspired waves matched with the shy pink pout really stood out. This look is so current. Go Reese!

Naomi Watts

The front of this updo is so beautiful. It's soft, full, messy but still put together and would be a flattering style on a lot of brides!


When Adele performed, it was so refreshing to see her hair down, stepping away from her usual English-style bouffant. This just goes to show, if you have a great haircut, your hair will shine! And another thing I love is the length. It's not ridiculously long but it's full of volume and styled perfectly with her side bang. And her makeup was flawless!!

Amy Adams

Usually I'm not a huge fan of updos with a center part, but Amy Adams looked so put together and pretty! The volume in the crown with the middle part was almost an arrow leading to her beautiful blue eyes, which popped with warm brown hues.

Jennifer Garner

Once I finally took my eyes off her hubby, I noticed Jennifer Garner's hair. I think it's slightly on the messy side but I like it! I loved the twisting in the sides and the pieces down on the side. The pieces hanging were soft but large enough so it didn't look dated. I wish she would have worn a little more blush and went with another lip, but other than that I think she looked great!

Jennifer Lawrence

Congrats JLaw! Her makeup was lovely. With dark lashes, her eyes really popped. I also loved her hair color paired with her textured updo. She was another one of my favorites and I can see this look translated well in the wedding world!

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda's Seyfried's skin was absolutely flawless! No doubt this girl used airbrush makeup! Again, this updo had nice height and texture in the front and would be beautiful on a bride or bridesmaid.

Jessica Chastain

I wasn't crazy about her hair only because it's beautiful and she could have tried a billion other styles BUT holy cow her makeup! Her skin. Her lashes. Her lip! This is the perfect example of how to rock a red lip. Without it, this look would have fallen flat. See, even red heads can wear a red lip!

I hope everyone who watched last night enjoyed the Oscar's as much as I did. Awards shows are the perfect place to get inspiration when it comes to hair and makeup. I have a feeling I will see some of these pictures again this wedding season!

XOXO Mindy

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Meet the Couples

The past two weeks we have been accepting nominations for a GIVEAWAY! The winner will receive complimentary hair and makeup services. 

To cast your vote, please head over to our Facebook page, like the page and then vote in this photo album!

The contest ends February 28th and the winner will be announced March 1st.

 Best of luck to all of there couples! We hope you enjoy their engagement stories as much as we do!

Jenn and Rick

With just a few days left before Christmas, my boyfriend (now FiancĂ©) and I planned to go to the outlets to finish our Christmas shopping. Pleased with our final purchases, we went to grab a quick bite to eat, then were headed back to my parent’s house to "watch a Christmas movie". As we pulled up in front of the house, I noticed a sign in the front yard that was covered with a blanket. We both looked at each other, puzzled, and wondered what light display my parents decided to add to our already outrageously awesome Christmas light spectacular. I got out of the car and headed straight to see what this sign was all about. As I pulled the sheet off, I saw all lit up in Christmas lights, "Jenn, will you marry me"...with that, Ricky got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Once I said yes, both of our families and close friends come out of the house to greet us and celebrate the engagement! Such a wonderful way to end the year!

 Lena and Brent

Brent, in his typical style, decided on Wednesday night, while sitting in the deer stand, that he was going to propose the following day. He said he knew he wanted to do it when he went to settlement on his land, but in that moment he decided that September 20 was the day.

Waking up early, and nervous as ever, Brent realized that Lena didn't have her rings on. He raced to the bathroom and put the ring Lena always wore on her left finger on to his pointer finger. Not knowing what size ring Lena wore, he put the ring on until where it stopped on his finger; he decided that this was the correct size. He went to work for a little bit then went and picked out a ring and left to go get ready for settlement while the diamond was being set. After settlement he went back to pick up the ring and came across 4 cop cars in front of Jareds as if they had been robbed. Had the diamond have been stolen, Brent was going to take it as an omen not to get married, luckily the cops were there on a false call and the ring was ready to go.

When Lena got home Brent told her to hurry up, they were going to go look at the new land. Never having looked at the land for fear of having high hopes dashed, this wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Just in from work, Lena pulled cowboy boots on, over dress pants naturally (pictures would have revealed a pretty interesting clothing selection!). Brent and Lena drove to the Blacklot Farm and parked the truck on the top of the hill where Brent's house site would eventually be located. They got out and stood on the bed of the truck looking around, planning out where the house would sit and where the horse barn would be when Brent asked, "Do you think this would be a good place to start a life?" Lena said, "Of course, it's absolutely beautiful and everything I've ever wanted." Lena then turned around and saw Brent down on one knee with a ring in his hand, "Well let's start now." From that point on is history!

Mandy and George 

We spent the day in DC because we never have a full day off together and Mandy wanted to take George to the POV restaurant/bar on top of the W Hotel for lunch. So before our lunch reservation, we decided to walk around the tidal basin to enjoy the nice day. We first headed to the White House, because George said it had been years since he saw it. He stated afterwards, that he wished we didn't take the detour because that delayed his plans and he was anxious. So then we made our way to the basin, ultimately heading towards the Jefferson Memorial, because we both had never been to it in person. Once we got over to the Memorial we walked inside taking the typical couple pictures, when we sat on the stairs for a few minutes. Then he pointed to an area to the side of the memorial by the water and stated he wanted that he wanted to go down there to get some good pictures. I hesitated, but agreed and we went to that spot, he told me to sit up on the wall, he captured my picture and pulled me down. That's when he got on one knee, shaking and proposed that we make the Dynamic Duo become One. He had to stand up to get the ring out of his pocket, because he forgot to take it out before he went down on one knee. It didn't matter to me though, he made me the happiest girl in the world.

 After this we made our phone calls then went to our lunch reservation at the POV. The waitress was so excited about our occasion we received complementary champagne from her. She just kept telling us how much we were glowing with these huge smiles on our face.

Later that night, we went on a dinner cruise that was already planned. We received complimentary champagne again and the manager came over to give us congratulations. Later when then asked for all the married couples to get on the dance floor, we were told to join "our people," as the newly engaged. The DJ narrowed the married couples down to the ones married the longest and us the newly engaged couple. It was quite an experience sharing the floor with a married couple of 50 years who were as madly in love with each other as we were.

All in all, it was the most amazing day of our lives.

Tiana and Antonio

My fiance, Antonio, and I met 4 years ago.  I was a junior in college at Towson University and Antonio had just graduated from Ohio State, and had moved to Baltimore for a job with Whiting-Turner.  Whiting-Turner was in charge of completing a building on Towson's campus, so they gave Antonio a temporary place to stay while he found an apartment and got settled in Maryland.  He was housed in a dorm room at Towson with Whiting-Turner's summer interns.  One perk for Antonio with this less-than-ideal, temporary living situation was that he got a free gym membership to Towson's gym, where he happened upon a beautiful college junior, passing the summer at the rock climbing wall (that's me!).  After a week of making eyes at each other and not speaking, I worked up the courage to talk to him only to find out it was his last day working out there before he was going to be moving to Ellicott City!  Had I waited one more day to speak to him, it would've been too late and we never would have met; it was meant to be!  Now, four years later, we own a home together in Butcher's hill, we have two adorable dogs, and we are planning a 4th of July weekend wedding in 2014 at the Tremont Grand Plaza in Baltimore!

Carrie and Joe

Carrie and I were introduced through her sister (whom I work with at the Maryland Air National Guard).  My future sister in law, Danielle and I had always talked and she always talked highly of Carrie.  Carrie and I had recently got out of very bad relationships and had very similar stories.  We were both struggling to start a new life and unaware of what God had in store for us.  As single parents with primary custody we were both trying to raise our children to the best of our ability.  In financial constraints we gave up a lot to make sure our children did not do without.  Our children
each now 9 years old, also have gone through a lot.  Carrie has a beautiful girl and I have a wonderful son.  I always joked with Danielle that she should set us up, never believing that we would ever meet.  Then one day I was dared to call Carrie.  Although nervous, I did.  Although we had
communicated for many months via text and Facebook after that first call, we just never had the opportunity to meet. Our paths never crossed.   I lived at the time in Pennsylvania and she lived in Maryland.  However one day Carrie contacted me and asked if I would be interested in finally meeting. To make things less pressuring and to break the ice we decided it was going to be a casual kid friendly date.  We were going to meet up for a game of bowling with our kids and make the best of evening even if there was no spark after that evening.  Ecstatically I accepted and we went bowling with the kids without telling her sister or anyone else.  I was elated to meet her and her daughter and we all had a wonderful time.  Several days later we met up again at her sister's house, followed by having New Year's brunch with my family.  We clicked and shared a lot of the same traits and values.
My interest in her grew as so did my love for her.  Four months later I chose to relocate to be closer to her and moved to Maryland.  By that summer we decided to purchase a home in the area she currently lived and become a family.  Our relationship blossomed and so did our love for one another and our children.  Although we have had our ups and downs, I knew that this woman was placed in my life for a reason.  God had placed us in each other's lives to bring a level of happiness, love and to learn new things.  New Year's Eve while singing Karaoke to Blake Shelton's song, "God gave me you" in front of family and friends I proposed to the most amazing woman in the world.

Erin and Ryan

Twas the night before Christmas and she said yes…
A little over two years after our first date, Ryan got down on one knee (despite a wet ground) and proposed atop the Duquense Incline in Pittsburgh Dec 24th. The proposal was significant for numerous reasons. As he was pulling out the ring box, he said he had told my grandmother he would marry me; quite fitting since the diamonds in the ring were reset from her engagement ring that was over XX years old and has greater meaning since she will not be able to share the special day with us.  It was fitting too that Ryan was sporting a Steelers jacket that day since my grandfather was from Pittsburgh.

In the day in age of technology and busy lives, it’s not too surprising how our relationship came to be. After a few weeks of exchanging emails and texts after being introduced on e-harmony, we made plans to finally meet up. Since it was the day before a federal holiday, it took 3 places before we settled on a bar where the Boston Bruins vs Pittsburgh Penguins game was on.  Surprisingly, I was interested enough to pay attention to the date and not be too distracted by the game on in the background. Being an avid New England sports fan, I had a feeling that things could work out for future dates since he captured my attention. Over time, Ryan and I have shared many great memories like trips to Florida, a duck tour and anniversary dinner atop of the Top of the Hub in Boston and lazy Sundays watching the Steelers and Patriots games. He accepts me for me, goofy quirks and all, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect life partner.

It is also funny that I can say I told you so to many friends and family members that I knew what type of person to date since that’s what E-Harmony found for me.

Amanda and Phill

In May, Phill picked me up from the airport following a week long cruise with my sister.  After a long day of traveling, all I wanted to do was go home to eat and fall asleep.  Phill had other plans....

Following dinner and some TV watching Phill came upstairs with an unexpected, wrapped graduation present for me.  After some protesting because it had been agreed upon that there would be no graduation presents, I opened the present to find the brand new, RED, camera I had been wanting.  Tired from a long day, I didn't want to read the instructions for the camera - I was going to wait until Saturday.  Phill tried to convince me that the camera contained sample pictures to demonstrate the settings - I, knowing that wasn't true went to prove my point by pressing the View Pictures button on the camera....I came upon a picture of our dog, next to a ring box, next to a white board.  As I was fully realizing what was on the camera - Phill pulled the ring out of his pocket and got down on one knee.

And I SAID YES! Sadly, there are very few pictures from the actual proposal because of the sad state of my hair and makeup (and that whole long day of traveling stench).  UpDo's for I Do's, I need your help!

 Cindy and Moses

My fiancé Moses and I met through music. I'm the singer of a local metal band and we were looking for a drummer. Little did I know that the guy trying out would not only be our new drummer but he would also be the love of my life and my future husband. A year and a half later the band is still together out playing shows, we bought and live on a house boat and are planning our very rock and roll wedding!

Kim and Brian

Brian and I met on the first day of our sophomore year of high school. As the year progressed, we became very close friends. Thinking back on the few months before Brian nervously asked me to be his girlfriend fills me with so much joy. I loved the way he made me laugh about everything. Just over five years from the day we met, Brian took me on a moonlit walk through downtown Annapolis that would change my life forever. We strolled along until we reached our favorite spot, a dock where we spent a lot of time at the beginning of our relationship. Brian began telling me how much he loved me and all the wonderful things that men typically say when they are about to get down on one knee. I started getting so excited and nervous all at the same time. When he finally got down and said "will you marry me?" I was in shock! I was so incredibly happy and honored. After a few tears and a moment to take it all in, I said yes!

Fast forward about six months later and here we are, right in the middle of this whirlwind adventure of planning our wedding! Brian is commissioning into the Air Force this spring and we are getting married this June, just before we leave for his first assignment. This is definitely the most exciting and crazy time for us but we are thrilled to be embarking on this next chapter of our lives together.

Sherry and Dan

Dan, Tank (our 3 year old English Bulldog) and I are very excited for May 5 to arrive!
We have talked our future together and can't wait.. babies, house, another dog, and more!  Tank has no idea he is going to be a big brother soon, but we are sure he will love it.  We will be getting him the "Big Brother" t-shirt too!

Even with all the planning and coordinating that goes into making the wedding happen, we always find time to relax and do fun things that interest us like see movies, entertain our friends during holidays/special occasions and have date nights.  In 2012 we went to Hawaii which was our first real vacation together.  We had a blast!  I think one of the funniest moments was when we went to the International Market in Waikiki and had our pictures taken with some parrots.  First, it started off with us holding one each, and then they kept adding more onto us... our shoulders, hands, and even head!  I think in total we had 6 or 7 by the time we were done!  Those birds aren't light as a feather either.  The funniest part was when the one I was holding with my left hand decided that was a good time to go to the bathroom.  It was really quite humorous and probably an experience I'll never have again.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mondays with Mindy: Short Hair, BIG Impact

So many brides and bridesmaids have made comments to me about not knowing what to do with their short hair for their wedding. Many think because of their short hair, either nothing can be done with their style or the same day in and day out style has to be worn. My friends, this couldn't be any further from the truth. There are tons of ways to either dress up short hair or even wear it up. Yes, all up! And with celebrities like Guiliana Rancic, Kiera Knightly, and Julianne Hough chopping their long locks for sassy shorter styles, formal short hair is becoming more and more popular.

 Here is a perfect example of a polished short hair cut styled for your wedding. By getting your short do styled professionally, it can look more formal than your everyday look and it will stay all night long!

 Believe it or not, her hair falls just above her shoulders. With the right cut and hair type, updos are a great option for shorter hair lengths. 

Soft waves make for a very romantic look on a wedding day.

Keep in mind, the curlier your hair, the shorter it will be. But the longer it will most likely last.

 Again, her hair is cut above her shoulders. Good rule of thumb: if you can pull it up, your stylist can style it up for a formal event!

 Adding accessories to short hair styles make a huge statement. These styles can be like a frame for your piece of art! 

 Soft retro waves are all the rage in Hollywood; no matter what your length!

 Here, this bride's hair is cut just under her chin with longer layers. Height and volume can be the focal point while the back is more simplistic.

So before you rule out an updo or professionally styled hair for your wedding day, think again! There are too many beautiful styles to be ignored for shorter lengths. Don't stress out about growing your hair six inches in time for your wedding or feel limited by your hair length. Look at photos and talk to your hair stylist so you know all your options!

XOXO Mindy

Friday, February 15, 2013

PhotoShoot: Behind the Scenes Collection Line

This past week we wrapped up a 2 day editorial shoot. With weeks of planning we were so excited to finally get started! Take a look at behind the scenes and stay tuned for our online store! We can't wait to share all of our goodies with you! 

 Make Up Artist Sara on-site to help prep our models.
 We had SO much fun with all of the diamonds that were on the set.

 Up-Do's Artist Lindsay prepping Model #3!
 Our personal jewelry consultant Katie Schneider was on hand to help style each model!
 4 of our 5 models at the end of their shoot! We have the BEST faces to represent our new line!

 The florals smelled ah-mazing!

 Our photographer had a little too much fun ! *just kidding*
 ...and we are back at work...naptime is over!

 With the rainy and snowy weather, we made our own beach...male photographer was not included!

This project could not have been completed without the help of the following and incredibly talented professionals:

Photography: Balance Photography
Gowns and Accessories: Francesca's Bridal
Diamond Rings, Earrings and Loose Diamonds: Diamond Wholesalers
Flowers: Intrigue Design and Decor
Model Ashley's Spray Tan: Glam & Tan, Inc
Hair and MakeUp: Ashley, Lindsay and Sara, UpDo's For I Do's
Models: Natalie Shea, Jordan Michele, Ashley Jones, Donzella Burton, Eleanor Kaestner

Stay tuned for the launch of our newest collection line!


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